Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod
Moreover, We are manufacturing the rods using, Steel Forging, Aluminum Forging, Aluminum Pressure Die Cast, Aluminum Gravity Casting, SG Iron casting as per customers requirement. We have state of the art workshop to manufacture of the rods and if we mention a few machines of our workshop they are SPM Lathes, Milling Machines, C.R. Special Drilling Machine, SPM Drilling Machines, Arbor Press, Hydraulic Press, Honing Machine, Bench Grinder, Bolton Machine, Surface Grinder etc.
1 Bore Diameter D 150mm 10 mm
2 Bore tolerance Dt - 0.004mm
3 Bore Centre Distance C.D 500 As per requirement
4 Surface Finish in Honing / Grinding v - 0.2ra
5 Parallelism between bores // - 0.007 / 20 mm
6 Cylindricity of Bores - 0.004 mm -
7 Roundness of Bores - 0.004 mm -