High Tensile Bolt

Syntech Auto is the largest manufacturer in India for bigger diameter hex bolts and nuts in high tensile grade from M-20 diameter and above till M-100 by hot forging process, our manufacturing facilities in Gujarat are currently producing hex bolts and nuts upto M-100 in bigger sizes the complete range of bigger bolts is given below:-

  • Standard hexagon Bolts / Screws
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Carriage bolts
  • Heavy hex bolts
  • Shoulder bolts
  • Hot dip galvanised hex bolts for wind energy and wind mills
  • High strength friction grip bolts and nuts
  • Banjo bolts
  • Hub bolts
  • Wheel bolts
  • Track shoe bolts and nuts
high tensile bolt
high tensile bolt

Fasteners, Hex bolts  as per  DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 912   in grades  8.8 , 10.9 , 12.9.

Hex nuts  as per  DIN 934  in grades  8, 10 , 12.

Manufacturer of larger diameter hex bolt and fasteners in India, diameter range from  M-20 to M-64 in DIN 931 / 933 / 912 in grades 8.8, 10.9, 12.9.

Bigger diameter bolts for ductile iron pipes for water projects, sewage treatment plants, desalination plants and water treatment plants.

Petrochemical stud bolts and nuts as per  ASTM grades A 193 /  A194   in alloy and stainless steels.

100% machining on  CNC machines for better accuracy and repeat-ability and reliable products.

100% bolts thread rolled after heat treatment to give extra strength and fatigue life to the threads.

In house heat treatment with controlled atmosphere and temperature controls.

In House tooling of dies.

Exports to over 56 countries in 5 different continents all over the world.

Fasteners for wind mills, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, ship building industry, heavy engineering industry, water treatment and sewage treatment plants, ASTM Stud bolts and nuts.

In house CNC machining of critical components in steels, alloys and stainless steels.